4 In 1 cup and bottle u-shaped cleaner brush

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Keep getting you hand stuck inside your water bottles, are you afraid that a glass cup may shatter and cause you an injury while washing it. Or maybe you take too long washing them. Whatever your problem is we may have the solution you're looking for. Its time to upgrade to the latest kitchen gadgets.

 The qualities of our product include.

  • U-shaped silicone cup brush
  • Stranded wire gap brush to clean the narrow groove on the inner wall of the cup cover
  • Corner brush with bristles to clean up the dirt on the corner grooves of the container
  • Tailor-made design for different positions of the cup mouth
  • Double-sided wrapped cup wall efficient clean, silicone soft and smooth does not hurt the cup body
  • Pair twisted wire design good elasticity, targeted to solve the gap, groove dirt

Its 4 in 1 design makes it perfect for more than just your drinking dishes. Is also good to clean other gadgets you may have at home like your veggie peeler or your blender and any other hard to clean items around your kitchen.